Sunday, December 8, 2013

House Dreaming

From a very young age I have designed my house. I always had trouble sleeping and on these nights I'd fill my sketch book (or the back of an envelope, or whatever was at hand) with detailed versions of my latest house plan. It did occur to me to do architecture, but I never was very good at maths or neat drawing. Over the years, the designs changed as I became inspired by the book I happened to be reading or what era we were studying in school. I remember always loving open plan, wooden beams, a wide kitchen and deep set bathtubs, with the house set on a wild block of mountainous or coastal land. As I have travelled, influenced by the local architecture, my ideals have begun to take a more consistent form. Functional, minimal, mindful. My recent trip to Japan has only intensified my love of wood, space, nature and the beauty of simplicity. I guess we do become our parents ;)
Here are a few of my pinterest pins to illustrate my current plan...

all images via my pinterest page

Monday, September 9, 2013


yay, finally bought some cuppows! off to buy my wide-mouthed Mason jars now... oh, fads.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A political snow weekend

This past weekend was spent among the snowgums, breathing the sweet mountain air of Falls Creek. It was also election weekend in Australia. The sky was blue, the snow was groomed and powdery, if a little grainy. I was pretty fired up about the election, and we showed our Greens solidarity from atop the mountain. It was an amazing weekend, I'd spend all winter skiing if i could. The election results were mostly awful, I guess somehow we'll make the best of the next three years, maybe I'll escape somewhere! 
viva la skiing!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Spring musings

 I never remember how incredible spring is. The frogs in our yard are loudly clacking all day and night, windows are open, the moist garden has been turned over and re-composted. All is verdant and alive, soaking up the sun and warm north wind, beginning to move again, waking from winter's dormant months. 
Blossoms everywhere, blushing at the sides of muddy roads and gracing the lines of orchard trees. 

 I can feel the spring cleaning bug coming on, the need to overturn and pare back to just the things I need. As William Morris so wisely puts it 'Do not have anything in your house that you do not believe to be useful or beautiful'. 

Yesterday as I weeded the garden, uncovering fecund soil, I watched my chickens peck at the grubs and critters as I blow their cover, loving the gentle (and not so) rhythm of nature. My feet and knees filthy, my heart contented from sitting amongst the humus and debris of my spring garden. 

I came in and ordered a batch of organic spring seeds, hoping the warmer months will send my plants thriving. 

Today was slow, I cooked, washed, sat and wrote. We're going skiing this weekend. 
Loving spring...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Instagram food etc.

It would seem i've fallen into the instagram food trap. Instagram app trap. you see, I am one of those people. I like to connect with others through food, people who i possibly will never meet, people who dream and drool over food constantly, eat bountifully from their own gardens, witches in the kitchen spreading the carefully scatted supergreen, wholefood amalgamation alchemy. i do love it. It means i can gleefully share a comment with the likes of My New Roots and Earthsprout, Nirrimi and Mexico and try to somehow stick my bare toe into their world. It fills a little space.

at the same time, i thought i'd join in with Pip and Kate in this little tag-along. 

Making : mustard beanies, a cabled sweater for myself in dove grey. 
Cooking : a raw cashew dreamcake. tomorrow. 
Drinking : green juice with garden add-ins. cannot get enough. 
Reading: my travel journal from last year. yearning. 
Wanting: a forest to envelop me and fill my ears with the depth of nature. 
Looking: through the window at the dark sky, pocked with stars. 
Playing: loud music in study breaks with my brother, dancing like wild things. 
Wasting: time on the internet. pinterest you are a beautiful well of doom
Sewing: Melton wool cosies onto jars
Wishing: I was in the Tarkine Forest, TAS. 
Enjoying: The honey pickled beets I made a few days ago. 
Waiting: For my Broad Bean flowers to become edibles. 
Liking: The early morning frosted sunlight of late Winter. 
Wondering: What the upcoming federal election will bring. 
Loving: Shopping for dry goods at Terre Madre each week. 
Hoping: The Greens win the election (it can be a far-fetched hope, right?)
Marvelling: At the moon's constant wax and wane, drawing time along with it. 
Needing: shoes. All of mine leak. 
Smelling: Like coconut oil every day and loving it!
Wearing: Layers of handknits. Go granny!
Following: The bloggers who fill me with joy and inspiration. 
Noticing: The warming days. 
Knowing: I need to write more, from myself, for myself. 
Thinking: About a dear family in a hard place. 
Feeling: Healthy, full of life. 
Bookmarking: Recipes for more kitchen experimenting. I'm loving the kitchen lately. 
Opening: Packages. Joy!
Giggling: With my brother. Sibling in-jokes are the best. 
Feeling: Like I want to do so many things in life, right now!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

snippets: Cafe in Nara, Japan. Umeshu (plum wine) in the window, bonsai arrangement, wooden door. x

Friday, August 9, 2013

Where to start?

I have been putting off the post Japan blog for a few weeks. i apologise. it's just impossible to choose a segment to start with. here are a bunch of photos to feast upon meanwhile. ok, embarrassingly i just tried to upload 46 photos and that was just the beginning so i'll break it up. ha. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Home from beautiful Japan

We're home from that glorious country with stories and photos and treasures, back soon with more! x

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


photos from my pinterest
 We're off on a little adventure to Japan! Most of it will be spent wandering around Kyoto in little laneway shops, temple gardens, baths and hiking in the mountains. it's going to be hot, hot. Summer dresses and shorts are in my bag, knitting and books too. I'm unplugging for a couple of weeks from this online community and looking forward to bit of mind de-clutter and peace.
lots of love, i'll bring home photos and goodies and stories. xo

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 I spy Lisa Mitchell and Jordan Wilson!

A few weeks ago a crowd of 1000 or more gathered in the bustling Melbourne streets to discuss and stand against Monsanto and genetic modification. It was heartwarming to see how many people took the time to come and gather. Powerful stuff, this solidarity! We marched very peacefully around the block in Melbourne's CBD, sitting calmly in front of trams whilst the clockwork-run corporates dodged stiffly around us. There were shared ideas, inspired passion and a warmth in this crowd, not too much hype or anger. My favourite poster was one that said 'Farms not Pharmacies!'. Nature for nurture is a fairly big belief of mine, and i was glad to see it up there as a main discussion.  
check out the links below if you want to know more!